KMSensors supports the following equipment manufacturers:

Alta Solutions
Iowa Rebuilt

Gilchrist Technology
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GTI offers a complete line of Vibration and Temperature Transmitters that are galvanic isolated. Each transmitter has a standard 4-20ma output that can be run to a plant PLC/DCS for trending and alarming. In addition, all 3500 series transmitters make available dynamic signals to facilitate online FFT analysis. Read More>>


Bently Nevada’s trusted and proven products help improve the reliability and performance of critical production assets like turbines, compressors, motors, generators, and everything in between. Read More>>


The VIB3000 is a machinery protection solution that features the latest technology from Siemens.  If critical or hazardous operating states occur, the system can initiate shutdown of the machine or plant.


To help ensure long machine service life, it is important to determine the condition of machinery and its bearings while in operation. This is done with condition monitoring systems, which includes permanently installed sensors on critical machinery.


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The Metrix SETPOINT™ Machinery Protection System , an industry-first integral touchscreen display, totally open data access,  designed to provide a refreshing level of value to even your most critical machinery protection applications.  
If it has to do with process temperature measurement, chances are Pyromation makes a sensor that is ideal for the application. From rugged industrial thermocouples to precisely-accurate RTDs, Pyromation has produced temperature sensors for most industry applications.

The Value Leader in providing handheld test and measurement equipment for professionals worldwide. A wide ranging product line; which includes gas detection, IAQ, DMM’s and Clamp-on’s makes TPI unique.