KMSensors was spun off of KenMar Instrumentation Services in 2011 to allow each company to focus on its core competencies. KMSensors' specialty is Condition and Vibration Monitoring Systems and components.


Whether you need a new system, upgrade, or just a few spares, KMSensors can help. 

KMSensors purchases from Bently Nevada, Siemens, Metrix Instruments, Alta Solutions, CTC,  Gilchrist-Pearson, and others.


Our customers can be found in the following industry sectors:

  • Chemical, petrochemical, and petroleum
  • Power generation
  • Process and manufacturing
  • And more...laboratories, plumbing, environment, HVAC, transportation, etc.

If you are looking for onsite services, KMSensors still works closely with KenMar Instrumentation Services. KMSensors. Visit them at for more information.