In 2011, KMSensors acquired Gilchrist Technology, Inc (GTI). Gilchrist Technology (GTI) designed the 3500 Series Vibration Transmitter product line. GTI is now the most popular product line of KMSensors, LLC.  The galvanically isolated transmitters are an industry favorite for ‘balance of plant’ monitoring systems.

The GTI by KMSensors Transmitter has isolation between the 4-20 ma and the dynamic signal outputs.  It does not have  60 HZ contamination nor any effect on the DC gap signals when an external instrument is attached to the dynamic signal output.  In fact, even with a direct short on the dynamic signal output, there is no effect on the 4-20 ma output of the Gilchrist transmitter.

All of the 3500 Series Transmitters will accept universal inputs! This virtually eliminates the need to turn over current inventory when you upgrade your vibration monitoring systems. The 3500 Series includes the 3501 acceleration and velocity, 3503 radial, and 3504 axial transmitters.



Model 3501
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Model 3503
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Model 3504
Acceleration Vibration Transmitters
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Velocity Vibration Transmitters

Radial Vibration Position
Probe Transmitter/Drivers

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Model 3506 Model 3507 6-Pack Housing

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Axial Pisition Probe


Temperature Transmitters 3500 Series Transmitter/Monitoring System
Model 400
We can calibrate and repair the following models. If your model is not listed, please call us for more info.
  • •    Data Signal 9855
  • •    Hardy/Metric Instruments 813 and 823
  • •    GilchristTechnology 4000
  • •    Modal Shop 9100

GTI offers a complete line of vibration and temperature transmitters.  Each transmitter has a standard 4-20ma output that can be run to a plant PLC/DCS for trending and alarming.  In addition, all 3500 series transmitters make available dynamic signals to facilitate on line FFT analysis.